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Axis 5

Agadir Eco-city with low carbon

Make Agadir shine with its environmental performance and reintegrate nature into the city


373 MDHS

Potential partners

Ministries, SM Region, Civil Society Associations, High Commission for Water and Forests, Public Institutions, International Organizations

Expected results

  • Preserve nature and fight against global warming
  • Collect and treat waste in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Use the city’s resources in a reasonable manner
  • Protect the health of citizens and apply hygiene rules

Environmental Preservation and Awareness

Preserve nature, fight global warming and launch an urban forest policy

Cleanliness and Waste Management

Smart waste collection management

Sustainable Resource Management

Optimize the use of resources while respecting the environment

Health and Hygiene

Protect the health of citizens and enforce hygiene rules

Maps and illustrations

- Map of the distribution of new green spaces
  • CAP Green Space

  • UDP Green Space

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

CategoryProjectBudget in MAD
Ecology1Redevelopment of the green lane of Taddart - Anza40.000.000
2Urban park on Laayoune Avenue - Bensergao55.000.000
3Green lane / Urban forest Hay Mohammadi96.000.000
4Hay Mohammadi green belt24.000.000
5Najah urban park30.000.000
6Development of the green lane Al Wafa Rja Fellah Al Fiddia20.000.000
7Surroundings of Oued Tilila6.500.000
8Green spaces main axis - Tilila8.500.500
10Selective waste sorting with a capacity of 1000 T / day
11Treatment of leachate with a capacity of 300 m3 /day
12Renewal of the park70.000.000
Health and hygiene13Development, equipment and digitalization of cemeteries5.000.000
14Dog shelter3.000.000

- Operating budget

Ecology1Preserve and manage the coastline of the city of Agadir - Blue Flag
Cleanliness2Professionalization of the Service
3Valuation and reinforcement of the staff
4Acquisition of new equipment
5Digitalization of circuits (Tracking)
6Valorization of organic waste
7Waste recovery with cement manufacturers
8Public awareness campaign on environmental issues
9Replace the municipal fleet with clean vehicles
Sustainable resource management10Reduce communal energy consumption (fuel, electricity and water)
11Promote renewable energies generalize the LED
12Update the energy diagnostics of municipal assets
13Reuse treated wastewater in the irrigation of green spaces
14Promote biodiversity and plant spaces adapted to local conditions
15Animate and raise awareness on the protection of the environment
Health and hygiene16Modernizing the rabies center