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Axis 6

Digital Agadir

Increase the efficiency and quality of service to citizens through the use of new technologies and work towards the success of the digital transition project



Potential partners

Ministries and SM Region

Expected results

  • Digitizing the city council’s services to citizens and creating digital training centers
  • Increase the performance and productivity of the city council
  • Make data a lever for the development of the city council
  • Set up the digital twin of the city of Agadir

Citizen Experience

Provide citizens and other stakeholders with efficient and easy-to-use digitalized services


Improve performance within the city council administration

Openness and Collaboration

Opening of data through an Open Data portal

Digital twin and connected objects

Improve the performance of the city council and its services via the Digital Twin

Maps and illustrations

- Digital landscape of the city of Agadir
Digital landscape

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

CategoryProjectBudget in MAD
Communal ERP1Implementation of a communal ERP5.000.000
E-services portal2Implementation of an e-service portal1.500.000
Archiving and electronic document management3Implementation of an electronic document management platform1.500.000
Open data portal4Implementation and updating of an open data portal1.000.000
Intelligent observatory5Setting up and updating of an intelligent data observatory1.000.000
Redesign of the website6Redesign of the website and creation of other satellite portals1.000.000
Digital Twin73D survey of the whole city of Agadir by drone, mobile and fixed 3D scanner3.000.000
8Survey of data from administrations (Cadastre, urban agency, city council, wilaya, etc.)1.000.000
9Establishment of a 3D digital model of the city of Agadir at a very high level of detail5.000.000
10Establishment of virtual tours of the interior of historical monuments and landmarks of the city1.000.000
11Establishment of a Digital City model of the city of Agadir on a web server5.000.000
12IoT network, smart watering and connected meters12.000.000
PDO Tax Census13Census of the PDO (Public Domain Occupation) taxes of the city council of Agadir for the roads of the city2.000.000

- Operating budget

National Platforms1Program of modernization of the Civil State
2WATIQA.MA Platform
3Platform CHIKAYA.MA
5Platform ROKHASS.MA
E-services portal6Website
7Chatbot administrative procedures
8E-services portal
Processes9Implementation of an integrated management software
10Implementation of a suite of collaborative tools (email, instant messaging, EDM and document sharing...)
11E-learning platform
Reporting12Implementation of a project management software
13Implementation of an internal reporting tool
Business applications14Application for managing equipment reservations (sports facilities, rooms, cultural facilities, etc.)
15Application for geolocation of graves
16Management application for the forensic service
17Monitoring system for the municipal fleet
18System for monitoring and controlling complaints and anomalies
19Application for the management and use of parking lots
20Intelligent lighting management application
21Global energy dashboard system
22Electronic management of archives and documents
Finance23Digitization of tax payments
24Deployment of the GID-CT platform: budget programming for local authorities
25Deployment of the @ujour-idm@j platform: dematerialization of the management of careers and situations of the city council staff
26Deployment of the GIR-CT platform:
Generalization of the integrated management of the revenues of the Territorial Collectivities.
Data27Elaboration of the data charter
28Implementation of the Open Data platform
29Implementation of the intelligent data observatory
30Organization of hackathons
Digital culture31Creation of information capsules and popularization
32Organization of digital courses