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Axis 1

Socio-economic growth

Encourage living together, ensure harmonious cohabitation between individuals and communities and participate in the city’s socio-economic development


116 MDHS

Potential Partners

SM Region, INDH, Ministries, other city councils and international organizations

Expected results

  • Strengthen social cohesion and promote living together
  • Support marginalized people in their reintegration
  • Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Improve the economic attractiveness of the city

Social Cohesion

Encourage community living through the construction and operation of 32 new social facilities

Marginalized People

Build an inclusive society that empowers marginalized groups and individuals

Persons with disabilities

Provide a better future for persons with disabilities

Economic Attractiveness

Supporting the economic growth of Agadir

Maps and illustrations

- Map of socio-economic facilities
- Map of local markets

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

      • Socio-economic equipments
NeighborhoodProjectBudget in MAD
1Anza AlouliaCenter for children in street situations10.000.000
2Hay MohamadiRehabilitation of the social center of Abzekka (multipurpose room)1.000.000
3Hay MohamadiRehabilitation of the Tamount space, Hay Mohammadi1.300.000
4Hay MohamadiRehabilitation of the women and children space in Hay Mohammadi2.000.000
5Hay MohamadiConstruction of a pre-school unit in Hay Mohamadi3.600.000
6Hay MohamadiConstruction of a multipurpose room in the neighborhood house1.400.000
7AssafaaRehabilitation of the Assafae social center2.100.000
8AssafaaConstruction of a women's hostel for the associations5.000.000
9LagouiraRehabilitation of the children's area of Lagouira2.000.000
10Al MassiraConstruction of a space for retirees al Massira3.000.000
11PiémontsCreation of pre-school unit rooms inside the schools750.000
12Anza AlouliaConstruction of a space retired Anza Al Oulia Block D3.000.000
13TaddartRehabilitation of preschool unit Taddart Anza800.000
14Al AmalRehabilitation of the preschool unit Anza Centre1.500.000
15BensergaoRehabilitation of the women and children space of Bensergaou Center600.000
16BensergaoRehabilitation of the commercial, tourist, cultural and social complex of Aghroud2.000.000
17AghroudRehabilitation of the multipurpose hall of Aghroud700.000
18AghroudConstruction of a social center and women's home3.000.000
19AghroudRehabilitation of the center for children's land associations and protection of the deaf1.500.000
20AghroudConstruction of a social center and listening center for abused women3.000.000
21AghroudRehabilitation of the pre-school unit Aghroud 12.300.000
22AghroudRehabilitation of the pre-school unit Aghroud 2800.000
23TililaConstruction of a women's home in Tilila5.500.000
24Bir Anzarane TikiouineRehabilitation of the Bir Anzarane complex - Multipurpose room1.200.000
25Bir Anzarane TikiouineRehabilitation of Bir Anzarane complex - Building800.000
26EL Hajeb TikiouineRehabilitation of the El Hajeb multipurpose complex2.000.000
27EL Hajeb TikiouineRehabilitation of the El Hajeb neighborhood house1.300.000
28AssakaRehabilitation of the Assaka women's home3.000.000
29AdrarRehabilitation of a pre-school unit Adrar250.000
30AdrarConstruction of a pre-school unit Adrar3.500.000
31AdrarCreation of a social center3.400.000
32ZaitouneRehabilitation of the Zaitoune preschool unit1.700.000
      • Construction and upgrading of markets
1Proximity market Hay Mohamadi3 500 000
2Assafa proximity market3 500 000
3Bouargane proximity market3 500 000
4Proximity market Bensergao3 500 000
5Lakhyam proximity market3 500 000
6Al Qods proximity market3 500 000
7Proximity market Al Houda3 500 000
8Tilila proximity market 3 500 000
9Proximity market Aghrod 3 500 000
10Tikiouine proximity market3 500 000
11Upgrading of the markets of Hay Hassani, les amicales, Talborjt7 000 000
12Anza market20 000 000*