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Axis 3

Cultural hub

Make Agadir a cultural and artistic hub, especially in terms of cultural facilities and cultural and artistic offer.



Potential Partners

Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, INDH, Associations and Federations of the civil society

Expected results

  • Strengthen the Amazigh identity of the city
  • Provide the city with a robust network of cultural facilities
  • Capitalize on the arts and crafts as a lever for development
  • Enrich the cultural landscape of the city through the development of its museum offer

Amazigh Identity

Celebration of the Amazigh identity of the city, construction of an Amazigh cultural center and a new museum of Amazigh heritage

Cultural and artistic offer

Agadir, an animated city 365 days a year

Socio-cultural spaces

Strengthening of the city's cultural facilities through the construction and rearrangement of several buildings


Enriching the city's cultural landscape through the development of its museum offer

Maps and illustrations

- Map of socio-cultural equipment projects
- Examples of events to include in the city's cultural agenda

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

ProjectBudget in MAD
1.       Neighborhood house
A.      Redevelopment
1Redevelopment of neighbourhood houses in the city - Work11.000.000
2Redevelopment of neighborhood houses in the city - Equipment3.500.000
3Equipment of the Hay Mohamadi neighborhood house2.000.000
4Equipment of the Salam (Stilya) neighborhood house2.500.000
B.      Construction
5Redevelopment of the Imounsis neighborhood house - Constructions2.000.000
6Redevelopment of the Imounsis neighborhood house - Equipment2.000.000
7Redevelopment of the Ighil Ouderdour neighborhood house - Construction2.000.000
8Redevelopment of the Ighil Ouderdour neighborhood house - Equipment2.000.000
9Construction of the Aghroud Bensergao neighborhood house - Construction3.500.000
10Construction of the Aghroud Bensergao neighborhood house - Equipment2.000.000
2.       Youth Centre
11Construction of a youth center in Adrar - Construction6.200.000
12Construction of a youth center in Adrar - Equipment2.500.000
13Construction of a youth center in Tilila - Constructions4.000.000
14Construction of a youth center in Tilila - Equipment2.500.000
3.       Cultural complexes
15Redevelopment of the Khair Eddine cultural complex - Constructions6.000.000
16Redevelopment of the cultural complex Khair Eddine - Equipment1.500.000
17Redevelopment of the cultural complex Oudaden - Constructions4.500.000
18Redevelopment of the cultural complex Oudaden - Equipment1.500.000
19Redevelopment of the cultural complex Adrar - Constructions5.000.000
20Redevelopment of the cultural complex Adrar - Equipment2.500.000
21Equipment of the cultural complex Doha Hay Mohamadi5.000.000
22Equipment of the socio cultural complex Miftah Sahel3.000.000
4.       Other cultural infrastructure projects
23Olhao exhibition gallery - Constructions1.000.000
24Installation of the Olhao exhibition gallery - Equipment1.000.000
25Installation of a children's area in the Olhao garden - Constructions1.000.000
26Development of a children's area in the Olhao Garden - Equipment1.000.000
27Renovation of the Hassania Anza reception center - Construction6.000.000
28Renovation of the Hassania Anza reception center - Equipment1.500.000
5.       Museums
29Redevelopment of the Salam CinemaTo be specified mid-term
30Reconfiguration of the Amazigh museum into a museum of modern and contemporary art1.000.000
4.       Museum and other cultural projects UDP
31Rehabilitation of the former headquarters of Bank Al Maghrib into a museum of reconstruction and memory of AgadirUDP Project
32Construction of the Amazigh heritage museumUDP Project
33Construction of the Timitar museumUDP Project
34Creation and upgrading of a Public Reading NetworkUDP Project
35Rehabilitation of old buildings of the city into cultural placesUDP Project
36Redevelopment of the Kasbah of Agadir OufellaUDP Project

- Operating budget

Promotion of the Amazigh language1Creation of an office affiliated to the communication department to supervise the use of the Amazigh language
2Adoption of the Amazigh language in all documents issued by the city council
Amazigh culture3Establishment of a quota of Amazigh books in the city's media libraries and libraries to promote Amazigh publications
4Creation of the Amazigh division at the municipal institute of music
5Creation of partnerships with various Amazigh institutions, including the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture
Amazigh artistic and cultural events6Creation of the Great Prize of Excellence in the various fields of Amazigh creation
7Organization of the celebrations of the Amazigh New Year Id Yenayer
8Creation of an international festival Bilmawen
9Organization of Amazigh days
Cultural agenda10Animation of the green spaces of the city
11Animation of the socio-cultural spaces of the city
12Animation of the public places of the city
13Organization of new national and international events (sports competitions, job fair, Bilmawen Festival,...)