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Axis 7

Transparent Communication

Boost the sharing of information of public utility, mobilize the actors involved in communication and promote the territorial brand Agadir



Potential partners

Ministries, SM Region, Media

Expected results

  • Improve the visibility of the territorial brand
  • Strengthen external communication
  • Strengthen public and press communication
  • Develop internal communication

Territorial branding and international partnerships

Federate citizens and partners around the territorial brand of the city of Agadir

External Communication

Increase the visibility of the city council and participate in the awareness of the citizens via external communication

Public Communication and Press

Strengthen the relationship with the media and various institutions and partners

Internal communication

Improve the performance of the city council through effective internal communication

Maps and illustrations

- Goals of territorial marketing
Territorial Marketing Goals
- Objectives of the city council's external communication
External Communication Goals

List of planned actions

- Operating budget

Development of the territorial brand1Creation of the territorial brand of Agadir
2Communication campaigns around the territorial brand
3Creating a label for local businesses
4Setting up totems in the city's key places
5Creation of a virtual guide to the city of Agadir
External communication tools6Maintenance of the city council's website
7Regular updating of the city council's Open Data platform
Social networks8Animation of the Facebook and Instagram pages of the city council
9Creation of popularization videos
10Creation of a Youtube channel for the city council
Press and media communication11Press releases
12Press kits
13Press conference
14One To One Interview
15Image Bank / Video Library
Institutional communication16Periodic meetings
17Periodic newsletters
19Idea Labs
Internal communication20Development of an Intranet for the city council
21Implementation of collaborative work tools (instant messaging, emails, document sharing...)
22Creation of a periodic internal newsletter
23Implementation of regular meetings
24Implementation of an internal reporting tool