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Axis 12

Multimodal mobility

Ensure smooth and comfortable movement of people and goods through efficient multi-modal mobility


320 MDHS

Potential partners

Region, FART, other city councils

Expected results

  • Restructuring the network and optimizing interchanges and stops
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of road users through the implementation of an intelligent transport system
  • Ensure a good cohabitation between the different mobility solutions
  • Improve the parking offer

Multimodal Transport

Implement 3 BHNS lines over a length of 45 km and ensure efficient transport hubs

Intelligent Transportation System

Technology at the service of user safety and comfort

Light Mobility

Promote light mobility and optimally distribute transit hubs and stops that are easily accessible to all

Parking Offer

Increase the city's parking supply to reach a total of 73,000 parking spaces

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

CategoryProjectBudget in MAD
Multimodal transportation1BHNS lines200.000.000
Parking supply2Underground parking lots120.000.000

- Operating budget

Multimodal transportation1Improved bus system performance and renegotiated operator contract
Parking supply2Creation of 15 parking lots and review of specifications