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Axis 11

Urban infrastructure

Provide the city with a solid infrastructure capable of supporting its transformation into a modern metropolis


1436 MDHS

Potential partners

Region, Ministries (Housing, Interior, Energy) and Al Omrane

Expected results

  • Strengthen the infrastructure and redevelop the roadways
  • Greening the city through parks, gardens and green corridors
  • Strengthening social, cultural and sports facilities
  • Transforming the city of Agadir into a modern metropolis through the Urban Development Program 20-24

Roads and lighting

Reinforcing 250 KM of roads and lighting for a budget of 1 376 MDH

Green spaces

Greening the city through parks, gardens and green lanes for a budget of 280 MDHS


Strengthen social, cultural and sports equipments

Urban Development Program 2020 - 2024

Transform the city of Agadir into a modern metropolis through the Urban Development Program 2020-2024

Maps and illustrations

- Roads and neighbourhood upgrades
  • Proximity roads

  • Redesigned road

  • New road

List of planned actions

- Investment budget

ProjectCategoryBudget in MAD
Under-equipped neighborhoods (Piedmonts)Neighborhood Upgrades90.000.000
Tilila/Adrar Part 1Neighbourhood Upgrading - Redevelopment Main Streets90.000.000
Tilila /Adrar 2nd trancheNeighbourhood Upgrading - Redevelopment Main Streets90.000.000
Anza Al Oulia Part 1Neighbourhood Upgrading - Redevelopment Core Axes90.000.000
Anza Al Oulia Part 2Neighbourhood Upgrading - Redevelopment Core Axes35.000.000
Lakhyam, Amsernat, My Rachid-Neighbourhood Upgrading - Redevelopment Core Axes50.000.000
Hay Mohamadi Neighbourhood Upgrades - Redevelopment Core Axes80.000.000
Haut Founty- Boutassra-Neighbourhood Upgrades30.000.000
Q.I, Hay HassaniNeighbourhood Upgrades18.000.000
Zaitoune districtNeighbourhood Upgrades15.000.000
Agadir Centre - Part 1Redevelopment - Main Streets20.000.000
Agadir Centre - Part 2Redevelopment Main Streets25.000.000
Dakhla, Al Qods - Part 1Neighbourhood Upgrades30.000.000
Dakhla, Al Qods-Part 2Neighborhood Upgrades40.000.000
Extension of Farah lane to BEO P1 roundaboutLane Creation9.435.000
Extension of Farah lane to BEO P2 roundaboutLane Creation5.100.000
Extension of Farah road to BEO P3 roundaboutLane Creation2.720.000
Farah road - section 1Lane Creation850.000
Wifaq Ibn Khaldoune linkLane Creation1.800.000
Access to Aghroud swimming poolCreation of lanes1.040.000
Aghroud RizqCreation of lanes4.615.000
Aghourd Section 1Creation of lanes715.000
Aghourd Section 2Creation of lanes1.885.000
Aghourd Section 3Creation of lanes975.000
Aghroud Structural track 1 Creation of lanes14.300.000
Aghroud Structural track 2Creation of lanes14.300.000
Extension Mehdi Ben AbboudCreation of lanes13.860.000
Assaka Link Cultural Complex Part1Creation of lanes1.122.000
Assaka link RN1 Part2 (Ferrailleurs)Lane Creation2.610.000
Ihchach - Assafaa-Neighborhood Upgrades50.000.000
Massira, Sidi Youssef, Riad Salam-Neighborhood Upgrades45.000.000
Najah, Bouargane, Al Ouafae-Neighborhood Upgrades28.000.000
Tassila 3Neighborhood Upgrades20.000.000
Al Houda, SalamRedevelopment Major Axes40.000.000
BensergaoRedevelopment Main Streets40.000.000
TikiouineRedevelopment Major roads25.000.000
Generalization of LED in public lighting and compliance of the public lighting networkStreet Lighting280.873.000
Smart lighting and remote managementStreet lighting46.000.000
Generalization of LED in communal buildingsPublic lighting3.000.000
Awareness project for building usersPublic lighting100.000
Implementation of an energy monitoring system for municipal buildingsPublic lighting3.600.000
Solar city: equipping buildings, pumping stations and charging stations for electric cars with solar stationsPublic lighting12.000.000
Electric mobility for on-call / samplePublic lighting400.000
Installation of charging stations for electric vehiclesPublic lighting1.200.000
Implementation of an awareness project in schools (regarding energy aspects)Public lighting500.000
EESL (Energy efficiency and streetlighting) Lab (Educational platform and training center)Public lighting2.000.000
Sanitation master planSanitation60.000.000

- Urban Development Program 2020 - 2024

Realization of the first line of the bus with high level of service of the city of AgadirRealization of the first BHNS line of the city of Agadir (XX km)
Protection and enhancement of heritageDevelopment of the Kasbah of Agadir
Development of the National Emblem site
Development of the Remembrance Square and construction of the Amazigh heritage museum
Development of the walk of memory (Aciens Yachaech, Founty, Talborjt)
Rehabilitation of the former headquarters of Bank Al Maghrib into a museum of reconstruction and memory of Agadir
Rehabilitation of old buildings of the city into places of culture
Rehabilitation of the old squares of Agadir after the earthquake
Strengthening of the cultural heritageConstruction of a religious, administrative and cultural complex in the Founty district
Construction of the Salam mosque
Cultural promotionConstruction of the documentary resources center and the media library of the city of Agadir
Creation and upgrading of a Public Reading Network
Construction of a cultural center in the Founty district
Upgrading of the Théâtre de verdure, Boulevard Mohammed V
Creation and equipment of a Center for Cultural and Artistic Development (at the Youssoufia School - Talborjt)
Development and equipment of parksDevelopment of the Ibn Zaydoun urban park
Rehabilitation of the Olhao garden
Realization of an urban park "Al Inbiaat
Realization of the metropolitan park of Tikiouine
Development of green spaces and public placesUpgrading of the Lalla Meryam garden
Rehabilitation of gardens in the Charaf and Taddart districts
Development of green spaces in Anza
Development of green spaces in Bensargao
Development of green spaces in Tikiouine
Development of a public square in Hay Mohammadi
Development of a public square in Al Houda
Development of a public square in Tilila
Renovation of the city's urban furniture
Realization of infrastructures and upgrading of social, sports, educational and health facilitiesRealization of a multipurpose room, Ryad Essalam district
Development of two socio-cultural centers: Tikiouine Centre and Lakhyam
Creation of a social activity space, Amssirnat neighborhood
Construction of a women's home and a youth center, Ryad Essalam district
Creation of 20 proximity fields
Creation of an Olympic swimming pool in the Founty district
Creation of a large covered hall in the Stadium area
Rehabilitation of three covered halls: Al Inbiaat, Zerktouni, Al Qods
Development of the sports complex, Anza
Creation of a socio-sportive center of proximity, type A (Founty district)
Creation of a local socio-sports center, type A (Adrar district)
Creation of a covered room in Al Houda district
Creation of a covered room in Hay Hassani district
Realization of a covered room in Tikiouine
Realization of a covered room in Anza Centre
Realization of a covered room in Anza Al Ouliya
Realization of a swimming pool in Bensergao Wifaq
Realization of a swimming pool in Hay Mohammadi
Realization of a swimming pool in Bensergao Aghroud
Construction of a swimming pool in Al Houda district
Construction of the elementary school Hafsa Oum Al Mouminine in Hay ANZA ALOULYA
Construction of ASSOU OUBASSLAM elementary school in Hay Alfarah Bensergao
Construction of ALYARMOUK elementary school in HAY MOHAMMADI
Construction of the elementary school SIDI BOUGHAFER in Hay Founty ALOULIA
Construction of the high school SAAD BEN ABI WAQASS Tikiouine Assaka
Construction of the high school "HOUDA" Al Houda district
Construction of collegial high school AICHA OUM ALMOUMNIN Aghroud
Construction of the college high school MOHAMED KHEIR EDDINE high Founty district
Replacement and extension of three classrooms in Taqadoum Q Al Houda school
Replacement and extension of two classrooms Takwit N' Abderahmane school unit
Extension of six classrooms at the COLLEGIAL IBNO TOFAYL Douar Amzil Bensergao
Replacement and extension of four classrooms at Idriss Lahrizi High School Tikiouine
Extension of six classrooms at the high school Aabou Alabass Esebti in Bensergao
Construction of two youth health centers in Anza and Talborjt
Construction and equipment of a rehabilitation center
Construction and equipping of a diagnostic center for tuberculosis and respiratory diseases (CDTMR)
Construction and equipment of a day clinic in Agadir
Completion of the construction and equipping of the psychiatric hospital
Realization / Renovation of a set of Souk and marketsConstruction of a fish market and restaurants in Bab Al Marssa and other districts
Rehabilitation of the municipal market, Agadir center
Construction of a market in Taddart, Anza al oulya, Block D
Rehabilitation of the municipal market, Talborjt
Development of the Tikiouine souk and its surroundings and relocation of scrap metal dealers
Improvement of the living environmentUrban upgrading of the under-equipped neighborhoods of Tikiouine and other sectors 1
Urban upgrading of the under-equipped districts of Tikiouine and other sectors 2
Realization of the North-East bypass roadRealization of the North-East bypass road
Upgrading and development of the ExpresswayRedevelopment and urbanization of the expressway
Upgrading and development of the city's entrancesDevelopment of the city entrances - Anza, Bensargao and Tikiouine
Development of the boulevards and roads of proximity and realization of an underground parking lotUpgrading of Mohammed V Avenue
Development of the East-West bar
Development / Widening of a set of Avenues and Boulevards of the city
Rehabilitation and reinforcement of the local road system in various districts of the city
Realization of an underground parking Al Inbiaat
Reinforcement of public lighting
Installation of an integrated video surveillance systemInstallation of an integrated video surveillance system
Urban development and impulse of the tourist area of AgadirRealization of the tourist information office and the administrative complex of the beach
Upgrading of the valley of birds
Development of a recreational area and green space
Development of the traffic pattern and the road system of the tourist sector of the city
Redevelopment of the cornice
Upgrading of the road network and various developments including public lighting
Development of the green spaces of the tourist area
Reinforcement of the urban furniture
Development of sports and recreational facilities of proximity
Construction of the Timitar museum
Installation of public equipment